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Our Mission!

Empowering students through an intensive arts and academic curriculum that prepares them for higher education, creative careers, and to become future leaders in the performing and visual arts industries.



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College Prep

The Institute combines a rigorous college preparatory academic program with pre-professional training in music, theatre, dance, film, visual arts, and culinary arts. ICA is designed to meet the need for in-depth training at an early age.

Nurturing Passion

At ICA, we believe the power of a young creative mind, and we are here to nurture the passion and potential it has. We believe that the pursuit of mastery in an artistic field, combined with a strong sense of purpose, leads to great things for our students and our world. This is true whether a student pursues a career in the arts or in another rewarding field.

Unlocking Creativity

Curiosity is the key to learning and unlocking creativity. Therefore, at ICA we seek to inspire curiosity by engaging students in their current interests, provide novel experiences and systematically engage the creative mind to build a foundation for a love of learning.

Real World Artists

The core of the arts faculty is composed of professional musicians, actors, dancers, filmmakers, and artists who provide the critical link between ICA students and the professional arts world.

Academic Excellence 

The core academic instructors are highly trained in their field and actively engaged in preparing students for college and beyond. Students typically spend four hours daily in their core studies.

Graduation rate at this type of school is nearly 100% with a college graduation rate of 85%.

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