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Private Lessons

Private instruction is one of the foundations to a quality arts education.  Here at CSA, we provide the best team of arts instructors who are highly qualified to teach in their arts field.  Many of our instructors teach in multiple areas and offer both private

one-on-one weekly lessons as well as group classes and activities. 

One-on-one weekly lessons for young people is where it all starts, so it is important to connect with a teacher who helps your child or teen feel comfortable and who challenges them to do their best.  CSA offers instructors who have the highest level of education and many years of teaching experience as well as instructors who are beginning their teaching career in the arts.  Depending upon your interest and budget, CSA can offer you options on your monthly tuition based upon instructor qualifications.  As you consider registering, you will notice that our teachers are listed as either master or junior instructors.

Many of our faculty members are active in our community and around the state including the Fort Smith Symphony, Fort Smith Little Theatre, Arkansas Arts Council Touring Roster, Arkansas Symphony, THEA, and more. We are proud to have such a strong group of passionate educators!

Private Lesson Rates

30 min


45 min


60 min


Areas of Study

Piano - Rilla Stone, 

Voice - Cody Walls, Sheila Mann

Acting - Dylan Blackwood

Dance - Dylan Blackwood

Guitar - David Holland

Strings - Alicen Kootz (violin), Ben Baker(bass & cello)

Cory Winters (violin, viola, fiddle),

Paula Jaramillo San-Juan (violin)

Percussion - Bruce Fowler

Woodwinds - Randy Graham (flute, clarinet),

Cheryl Ratcliff (oboe)

Brass - Christopher Jones (trombone, euphonium, tuba)

Randy Graham (trumpet, french horn)

Saxophone - Beth Duquette

Composition & Theory - David Holland, Cory Winters

Ukulele - David Holland

Mandolin - Cory Winters

Visual Art - Sherry Jones*, Kim Burke

*there is a minimum of 60 minutes on visual art private lessons

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