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About the New Center

Community School of the Arts has launched a comprehensive campaign called Inspiring Excellence for the purpose of building the Center for the Creative Arts, an innovative new facility to house cutting-edge 21st century arts programs that will have a profound impact on students across career boundaries.


The Center for the Creative Arts will be home to three major programs:

Preschool for the Creative Arts

CSA is the first organization in Arkansas to provide an arts-based preschool.  The program will immerse children in an age-appropriate curriculum that is taught through the arts and all activities will center around the arts.


Studies have shown that children who participate in the arts at an early age develop motor skills, communication, decision-making, visual learning, creativity, and focus at a faster rate than those who do not.


The CSA Preschool for the Arts is a truly unique and special program!

Institute for the Creative Arts
The Institute will offer specialized arts programs for high school students in grades 9-12 as part of their regular school day for high school credit. Students in Arkansas and Oklahoma districts within a 60-mile radius may participate.


Designed in a college-prep style, there are six major program areas for students to choose from:

School of Cinematic Arts

School of Culinary Arts

School of Music

School of Dance

School of Dramatic Arts

School of Art & Design


Professional practicing artist-teachers will immerse students into 21st century cutting-edge arts programs that will prepare students for college and a professional career.

Community Arts Connection

The Community Arts Connection programs offer children and youth to participate in a variety of art forms after school, evenings and weekends.  These programs provide opportunities for young people to explore the various art forms and find their talents. 


Named for Arkansas’ First Lady, Susan Hutchinson, these programs offer classes and lessons for up to 500 students daily.

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