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About CSA

Inspiring Excellence

The mission of CSA is to educate, inspire, and empower students for service and leadership through artistic excellence. 

About CSA

The Community School of the Arts serves the Fort Smith Community and surrounding region by providing high-quality instruction in music, theatre, dance, and visual art.  Children, youth, and even adults can participate in after-school, evening, and weekend classes and lessons.

Artistic excellence is at the core of everything we do.  We offer programs and activities that meet the needs and interests of all students. Our programming is provided by top artists and professionals who love to work with young people as we seek to make a difference in the lives of the next generation. 

In addition to classes and lessons, performances, productions, and exhibits are of top priority at CSA.  We want all students to experience the thrill of presenting their craft to others. Family-friendly and family-focused entertainment is central to all that we do at CSA.  Get ready for a great line-up of shows. CSA is your arts connection!

Why is CSA so Important?

  • Improves academic performance and lowers dropout rates

  • Develops creative thinking, problem solving, and communication skills

  • Builds self-esteem

  • Promotes discipline through artistic excellence

  • Builds social skills and teamwork

  • Offers opportunities for all students

  • Enhances quality of place through exceptional performances and exhibits

CSA is a proud member of the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce!

The National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts is America’s service association for community arts education organizations that provide access to high-quality sequential instruction so that all people may participate in the arts according to their interests and abilities. In concert with this dynamic network, the guild researches and promotes best practices, provides opportunities for professional development and dialogue, advocates for broad access, and makes grants to the field.


One of the major goals of CSA is to make certain that no child in our area grows up without exposure to the arts. In addition to our many classes and activities offered on site, CSA also provides outreach programs to area underserved elementary schools in the areas of children’s choir, dance, drums, and Suzuki strings. 


Thanks to grants and the generous gifts given by our donors, we provide a wide range of opportunities for kids beginning at a young age and reaching all socio-economic backgrounds. Fort Smith elementary school principals are directly involved in selecting the schools that would best benefit from the after-school outreach programs as well as determining the specific arts offering for each school.   Weekly after-school programs are offered by our professionally trained arts instructors at the elementary school site throughout the semester with a performance at the end of each semester for family and friends.

Through these programs, CSA reaches close to 150 students each semester who might not otherwise be able to participate in the arts. We are truly providing a genuine arts education experience and making that experience available to all!

CSA Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

CSA Residency Programs

Residency Programs

Thanks to the outstanding instructors who work at CSA, we are able contract with area schools and various organizations to provide instructors for arts education. Residencies vary from a half-day visit to week-long activities to working an entire semester or year at the organization. Ages range from preschool through adult and include all types of arts instruction from music to theatre to dance to visual art.   Contact us to set up a consultation about your needs and interests.

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