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Scholarships at CSA are given on a semester basis and are based upon financial need and artistic aptitude. To qualify, students must complete the application process one week prior to the registration deadline for classes. If a student drops mid semester, class, or production, the scholarship must be repaid in full.

The following scholarships are provided by individuals who support CSA and believe in the impact that arts training has on young people.

Click here to download a scholarship application.

Please contact us If you would like to contribute to one of these scholarships or start one of your own!


Given primarily to teens who exhibit an interest and artistic talent in one or more art fields.  Alexandra Salamone is a CSA student alum.  She was the top high school soprano in Arkansas.  The scholarship was established by her family in celebration of her talent and as a means of reaching other talented students for the arts.


Designed for a special needs student who exhibits artistic talent.  Particular emphasis is placed on those students with Autism.  Alex is a CSA student alum who has talents in piano, music composition, and film.  The scholarship was established by his family in honor of Alex’s achievements.  Friends and family of Alex Leeper are invited to give to this scholarship fund.


Given to students of all ages who show a strong interest in and commitment to the arts.  Phillip and Rosilee Russell are the Founders of CSA.  As an artist herself, Rosilee believes in the power of the arts to transform young people into confident and successful adults.  The scholarship was established as a means of reaching talented students who have not had the opportunity to participate in the arts.  Friends and family of the Russells are invited to give to this scholarship fund.


This scholarship is designed to fund underreached students for classes and lessons or school groups who would like to attend a CSA day performance of one of the yearly productions.  The scholarship is given by the Westphal family in memory of their mother, Betsy Westphal.  Friends and family of the Westphals are invited to give to this scholarship fund.


Designed for students who are either in homeschool education or in preschool.  The scholarship is given by the Griffith family in memory of their son, Gavin who loved the arts. Friends and family of the Griffiths are invited to give to this scholarship fund.


If you are a Fort Smith Public School student and participating in orchestra, talk with your orchestra teacher to find out how you might qualify for a scholarship to participate in private string lessons and chamber string groups at CSA.


Designed specifically for theatre students.  This scholarship is given to a child or teen participating in classes and lessons that are provided by CSA Theatre Arts.


Established for students with economic need who show an interest in one or more of the arts. For Randy Bartmier and Selena Kesner Bartmier growing up, arts were a point of emphasis. The arts have no age limits, and we can use that training throughout our lives. It is important to them to help others have the same opportunities they enjoyed; ensuring children from all economic backgrounds have access to quality arts education to supplement what is received at school or in the home. Friends and family of the Bartmiers and Kesners are invited to participate in donating to the scholarship fund.


Stacey Jones was a true advocate for the arts. He made it his mission to bring the arts to the city of Fort Smith and he impacted thousands of lives. He knew the world was a better place with the arts in it. This scholarship is designed for students who show a strong interest in the arts, students from under reached demographics who lack the opportunity to participate in the arts, and for students who would like to experience a live performance. 


CSA has a host of donors and supporters who give anonymously so that underreached students may participate in the arts at CSA.  Contact the CSA office to find out more.

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