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Cello Ensemble

 An exploration of harmonious rounds, canons, classical, folk, and modern compositions for cello.

** Younger students may be accepted if they have at least 2 years of experience

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Alli Chastain

Cello Instructor

Alli has studied cello and classically trained since she was very young.  She was the Principal Cellist at All Region while at Southside High School.  Alli is best known for her professional career as a touring artist in a rock band.  She is a founding member of the band called The Violet Hour or TVH which has gained her international recognition for her songs and music videos.  Prior to forming TVH, Alli performed with Untold Story, a Christian Rock band that toured Arkansas and Oklahoma. 

Alli sings vocals and plays both acoustic cello and electric cello in TVH.  The band has released five studio albums and numerous singles and is endorsed by several companies including Raze Energy and Dovetail Strings.  They have shared the stage with iconic artists including Mark Mendoza and members of Thin Lizzy, Saving Abel, and others.  The band is a family friendly rock group and has a platform which brings awareness to the seriousness of such areas as domestic violence and child abuse.  Their video Toxicutie which brings to light the devastation that comes with domestic violence, won First Place in the International Film Festival in Tagore.

Alli teaches cello to students of all ages and levels as well as beginning piano and guitar.  She loves working with young people.  She also coaches and serves as a mentor to bands and musicians in their performance, stage-presence, and songwriting.  Alli holds a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology.

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