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Children's Theatre Company

Our Children’s Theatre Company is open to students in grades 3-6.  Students do not need previous experience in order to participate. This company is open to the first 30 students who enroll in the program. All students who enroll in our theatre company are cast in the production. 


The Children’s Theatre Company performs two 70-minute junior shows every year. These shows are presented at the King Opera House in Van Buren with full sets, lights, costumes, and more; all of which give the show a true professional look for these young actors!


Rehearsals for the Children’s Theatre Company are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4pm-6pm at Saint Boniface.


Audition material for the show is sent to those students who register two weeks before auditions. Typically, students prepare a segment of a song from the show and then are asked to read from the script. Students will review audition material with the production team prior to auditioning in class.


For students interested in preparing for their auditions, CSA offers a two-day Audition Prep Class which meets 4pm-6pm the Tuesday & Thursday prior to auditions. Students will work on material needed for auditions as well as hone their auditioning skills with one of our theatre faculty. The class concludes with a practice audition in front of the production team of the show.

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